Who Am I?

My life with NF2, by Jane E. Wilson

Jane’s book Who am I? gives a patient’s perspective of living with Neurofibromatosis,  Type 2 (NF2). It does include some NF2 facts and information that is indispensable to anyone wanting to learn more about the disease, but it mainly gives the day to day perspective of what life with this disease is like. Reading the book you will experience the changes Jane went through from a non-disabled person to where she is today. Some of these experiences will make you cry; others will make you laugh or smile.

The first printing of Jane’s book is available direct from the author, it is NOT available in bookstores.

$10.00 (Standard Print)
$15.00 (Large Print)

Please send a Check or Money Order (American currency) to:

Jane E. Wilson
2501 Mt. Pleasant St. Apt #16
Burlington, IA 52601-2121

You can contact the author directly at  poetgirl52@q.com

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